Assignment name:

Assessment of Tajikistan disaster preparedness needs

Name of Client:

World Bank

Duration of assignment (months): 10

Start date (month/year): October 2022

Completion date (month/year): August 2023

Implementing partners, if any:


Country: Tajikistan

Role on the Assignment: Consultant

Description of Project:

The Consultant supported the World Bank in helping Tajikistan and specifically the CoESCD better target planned activities. The consultant assessed the status, developed a baseline, and identified needs for modernizing disaster communication and information technology systems and capacity building for emergency response.

Description of actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:

  • Enhancing/developing umbrella disaster management software integrated for current/future early warning systems and current emergency management software platforms.
  • Enhancing/developing an interagency platform for data exchange to facilitate real-time data sharing between disaster monitoring, forecasting, and management agencies.
  • Supporting policy development, facilitating, and populating a geo-node/website to facilitate consolidated access to existing and new disaster-related geospatial data and information.
  • Developing dissemination channels (website, SMS services, smartphone app, etc.) to facilitate real-time public access to forecasts and warnings of climate and weather hazards.
  • International community certification trainings for professional search and rescue (SAR) teams.
  • Public trainings for disaster preparedness, including improved awareness about climate change and associated risks to increased likelihoods of disasters, and climate change mitigation measures which could be pursued at the level of households, public institutions, etc.; and
  • Preparation of disaster preparedness and climate adaptation modules for different stakeholders (public agencies, vulnerable citizens, industrial zones, SMEs, health workers, etc.).

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