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Innovative Water and Environmental Solutions

Innovative Water and Environmental Solutions (IWES), an international company based in Berlin, Germany, was founded in June 2019 and registered at the district court of Charlottenburg and finance office of Berlin. As a „Spin-Off“ company to GFZ Potsdam, our commitment lies in conducting scientific research with robust practical applications to combat climate change and mitigate its negative impacts. IWES specializes in offering science-based advisory services and support for water and environmental projects.


Our mission is rooted in conducting cutting-edge scientific research, with a robust emphasis on practical implementation. We are dedicated to addressing the challenges posed by climate change and actively working towards the development of effective mitigation strategies.


Our vision is to lead the way in addressing the global challenge of climate change. We aim to pioneer scientific research, advancing our understanding of nature and translating these insights into practical solutions that make a meaningful impact on our environment. We envision a future where our innovative approaches and specialized expertise contribute significantly to creating a sustainable and resilient world.

Our values

Expertise and

We value the diverse and extensive expertise that each team ... member brings to IWES. We believe in the power of collaboration, where our collective knowledge and prowess contribute to addressing the complexities of water and environmental challenges.

Innovation and
Continuous Learning

At IWES, we thrive on innovation. Committed to utilizing advanced methods, ... data, and tools, we stay at the forefront of water and environmental sciences. We foster a culture of continuous learning, encouraging our team to embrace new ideas and approaches.


Our commitment to combating climate change is at the ... core of our values. We actively engage in fields such as climate change impact assessments, water resource monitoring, and disaster risk reduction, aiming to be responsible stewards of our environment.


We tailor our services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our focus is ... on providing impactful and clientcentric solutions through climate change impact assessments, model development, capacity building, disaster risk reduction, and expert advisory services.


Joining IWES means being part of a collective effort to create sustainable solutions ... for a better and more resilient future. We are dedicated to making a positive impact on our planet, and our values reflect a commitment to environmental sustainability and longterm success.

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