Assignment name:

Guidelines for Natural/Multi Hazard Structural Mitigation (Specific to Mass Movements) in High Mountainous Regions of South and Central Asia

Name of Client:

Aga Khan Agency for Habitat

Duration of assignment (months): 25

Start date (month/year): April 2020

Completion date (month/year): May 2022

Implementing partners, if any:

NDR consulting


Country: Central Asian countries

Role on the Assignment: Consultant

Description of Project:

This project focused on preparation a guideline on safeguarding settlements, individual structures, and critical infrastructure elements from various natural hazards in High Mountainous Regions of South and Central Asia. The project included the identification of elements to be protected, such as entire settlements and individual infrastructure components (e.g., roads, bridges, irrigation channels). Critical facilities, including hospitals, schools, grain silos, water treatment facilities, warehouses, and essential administrative buildings, were meticulously identified for special attention.

Description of actual services provided by our staff within the assignment:

  • Identification of elements to be protected: the whole settlement (new or existing) and/or individual infrastructure elements (e.g. road, bridge, irrigation channel, etc.).
  • Identification of critical infrastructure like hospital/dispensary, school, grain silo, water treatment facilities, warehouse, telecom and electric power facilities, administration buildings that need special attention.
  • In-depth analysis of local hazards potentially affecting the assets in the AoI (rockfall, debris flow, avalanche, flash flood).
  • In-depth analysis of remote hazards potentially affecting assets in the AoI (basically flash floods can be triggered and affect sites far away from the origin).
  • Outline of the potentially affected assets: study of exposure, vulnerability, and risk.
  • Outline of the possible risk reduction measures to protect development gains; and proper planning and design (based on risk assessments). The focus of all measures is put on structural stability, fit for purpose, and durability of the investments.
  • Outline of an implementation plan

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