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IWES provides MODSNOW Trainings to Department of Hydrology and Meteorology employees in Nepal

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Innovative Water and Environmental Solutions, along with Dr. Abror Gafurov, Dr. Akmal Gafurov, and Mr. Friedrich Busch, conducted training sessions from February 27 to March 01, 2024, at the BASERA BOUTIQUE HOTEL, Kathmandu, Nepal. This training, part of the Operational Snow Monitoring using MODSNOW in Central and South Asia project funded by USAID, aimed to introduce the MODSNOW Tool to the team Department of Hydrology and Meteorology in Nepal and other interested institutions across the country. Participants learned snowmelt and glacier melt analysis, hydrological forecasting methods, the interpretation of MODSNOW outputs and how the implementation of the MODSNOW Tool at DHM enhances water management and snow monitoring practices in Nepal.

A key outcome of the training was the implementation of the MODSNOW Tool at DHM, reinforcing the organization’s capacity to monitor and forecast snowmelt and glacier melt in the region. By leveraging MODSNOW, DHM is empowered to make informed decisions and optimize water management strategies for the benefit of Nepal’s communities and ecosystems.

We extend our sincere appreciation to all participants, lecturers, and partners for their dedication and contributions to the success of this training initiative. As we continue our journey towards sustainable water resource management, Innovative Water and Environmental Solutions remains committed to driving positive change and innovation in the field.

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