IWES (Innovative Water and Environmental Solutions) is an international company with its registered office in Berlin, Germany. IWES was founded in June 2019 and registered at the district court of Charlottenburg and finance office of Berlin.

Our aim is to conduct scientific research with strong practical implementation in combatting climate change and mitigating its negative impacts.

The IWES offers science based advisory services and support for specific issues and projects in the water and environmental sector. The company draws on some 15 years of owner’s experience as a natural scientist and consultant for international development cooperation.

The IWES aims at using innovative methods, data and tools for better understanding of our nature and solving emerging issues related to water and environment. Strong focus is here to use remote sensing based products as data source and advanced Geographic Information System (GIS), but also various programming languages in solving complex issues. The company also offers services related to developing new operationalized tools and methods for better monitoring of our environment.


The IWES (Innovative Water and Environmental Solutions) is active in following fields:

  1. Climate change impact assessments for various environmental sectors
  2. Supporting meteorological and hydrological services in the modernization
  3. Monitoring water resources using remote sensing products
  4. Developing new tools and models in the field of hydrology, cryosphere and agriculture
  5. Disaster Risk Reduction
  6. Expert advisory service on water and environment